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Dr. Anette Bickmeyer:
Creating ideas and concepts

So you have a general idea but not a real concept? Let’s start by letting me listen to you.
My passion: Engaging my ears, eyes and mind to support others in the process of generating meaningful ideas and concepts. Creating is the first step, implementing is the second. I am there with you. For you as an individual or as an organization. Together we discover what is important and good for you. In most cases complexity needs to be reduced rather than enhanced. But we’ll talk about that when it‘s time. First, let me give you my attention and simply listen.

You’re the central figure.

  • As a decision maker are you facing challenges? Do you want to, need to or have to take steps in a new direction – entering a zone that feels risky and becoming more visible in the process?
  • Maybe you already have the initial thoughts, a rough outline … but aren’t sure how to make your idea more concrete, more actionable. Perhaps your concept is far from maturity, not at all ready for launch. Does it need help in being developed and shaped? Then I’d like to listen to you, to ask questions and to develop the target ideas and concepts with you and for you.
  • I’m also well-equipped to bring your concept to life, as well as take care of any necessary follow-up support.

Here you find everything you need – from A to C!


versatile and experienced

ABC ist

Career Track (highlights):

  • E.ON SE
  • Bertelsmann SE
  • World Fair EXPO2000
  • Doctoral studies
  • Studies abroad

Dr. Anette Bickmeyer: 

Over the course of my 25 years in professional roles, I have worked at the interface between companies, politics and NGOs in designing, setting up and implementing sustainable projects. As leader and manager I reported to members of executive boards and built and led strong teams. This work took place in a variety of environments and organizations: in the cultural arena and industry, in family-owned companies and global corporations.
As a certified business coach and speaker, I dig down deep into my in-house library of knowledge and experience, making it available to you. Sharing it for your benefit.

Career Track (highlights):

  • Vice President Sustainability Management
  • Special Project Coordinator to the Chairman of the Board: idea generation and development as well as coordination of various projects and initiatives
Bertelsmann SE:
  • Director Corporate Human Resources, Strategy & Controlling
  • Program Director: idea generation and development as well as build-up of an international Fellowship Program for Social Entrepreneurs
World Fair EXPO2000:
  • Protocol Coordinator for Nation Day: coordination of the nation days for the guest nations as well as development and execution of visitor programs for heads of state and high level government representatives
Doctoral Studies:
  • Dr. phil., University of Hanover
Studies Abroad:
  • McMaster University, Canada

the difference

ABC macht

Through change that creates greater purpose and meaning.
I‘d value the opportunity to talk with you – face-to-face – about my multi-faceted project & consulting portfolio.



ABC Inspirationen


ABC Inspirationen

Reach out to me via email or a call. I’m ready to listen and respond.


Dr. Anette Bickmeyer

Mozartstraße 13
40479 Düsseldorf

+49 172 5882770

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